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Keeping Careers Advisers Informed About Your Institution

Please see below for information on the services we provide to assist you with your promotions. To ensure you receive information about these opportunities, please join our email list here:

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Electronic Newsletter to Careers Advisers

We email an electronic newsletter generally every two weeks during NSW public high school terms to over 800 of our members. For details, requirements and to submit a news item for the next scheduled newsletter, click on the button below. Please note that you may submit newsletter items at any time throughout the year and they will be held for inclusion in the next available newsletter.


E-Flyer Distributions to Careers Advisers

Tertiary flyers will be circulated to over 900 of CAA’s members in four different ways to cover the range of methods that Careers Advisers utilise to communicate with students, parents, carers and other staff members. Flyers will be:

  1. Emailed directly to members so that Careers Advisers may easily forward the email content on to other people;
  2. In a post on our Careers Advisers Discussion Forum on Facebook so that the content may be easily shared by Careers Advisers to their School Facebook page, student group pages and other pages the Careers Advisers operate from Facebook.
  3. Accessible from the new CAA App for Careers Advisers so that the content is compatible with viewing from mobile devices;
  4. Uploaded to CAA’s dedicated E-Flyer page in the CAA member portal so Careers Advisers may easily link to the online content in their own newsletters and publications;


                   App Screen Shot                                                                        Website Screen Shot


  • You are to design and produce a 1 or 2 page e-flyer and email the proof to CAA for approval.
  • Final draft of flyer to be sighted by CAA by 27 August 2020.
  • Payment is due by 7 September 2020.
  • Final material due to CAA by 7 September 2020.
  • Publication and circulation date by 14 September 2020.
  • Content will remain available on the CAA website for the calendar year in which it is circulated.
  • The cost is $995 (including GST) for 2 x A4 pages or smaller. There is no reduction in price if you choose to provide only 1 page. If you would like more than 2 pages, you may purchase extra pages for an additional $450+GST per page.



Online Events Calendar & Newsletter Creation Tool for Careers Advisers

Our online "Events" calendar allows institutions to input their own event information such as information days, open days, seminars for prospective students and other events relevant to our Careers Advisers and students. Entering your events in our calendar will mean that your event or deadline automatically receives a mention in an email to our members in the month preceeding the event and two weeks before the event or deadline. If, however, you would still like to have a special mention in our e-newsletter at any time, please use the button above to submit an item for the next newsletter. Events or deadlines in this calendar will also filter through to newsletters created by Careers Advisers via the CAA website for their own students and parent newsletters. To access the calendar, click on the button below. Enter the Pass-Code 2317 and the captcha code shown on the screen, and click "Authorise Now". Underneath the events shown for the current month, click on the words "Add an Event to the Calendar"



Exhibition Space at CAA's New Careers Advisers Day Monday 25 May 2020

The Exhibition at CAA's New Careers Advisers Day in *2020* will be held at The Aerial Function Centre at UTS, Ultimo. Expressions of interest for exhibition space will open early 2020. An email will be sent to those on our distribution list when this opportunity is available.


Sponsoring CAA's New Careers Advisers Day, Monday 25 May 2020

We seek sponsorship for this event from interested companies and tertiary providers. Sponsorship can be secured from $4,000 + GST.  Please contact us for more information on 02 9605 5858.


Presenting at CAA's Industry Update Day, Thursday 18 June 2020 

For the first time in 2020, CAA is holding an Industry Update Day for Careers Advisers, where providers from industry can present to Careers Advisers on what's new, what's changed, emerging careers, pathways etc. Please contact us for more information on 02 9605 5858.

Presenting at CAA's Tertiary Update Day, Friday 19 June 2020 

CAA's annual Tertiary Update Day for Careers Advisers is bieng held in Sydney on Friday 19 June 2020. On this day, tertiary providers can present to Careers Advisers on what's new and what's changed at their institution/organisation. Expressions of interest for these presenting opportunities will open early 2020.


Exhibition Space at CAA's Annual Conference, Friday 30 October 2020, Luna Park, Sydney 

The Exhibition at CAA's Annual Conference in *2020* will be held at Luna Park, Sydney, on Friday 30 October 2020 from 8am to 1.30pm. Our Annual Conference is attended by approximately 350 Careers Advisers from NSW & ACT Government, Catholic and Independent High Schools. 
Expressions of interest for exhibition space will open around March 2020. 
Date: Friday 30 October 2020, 8.00am – 1.30pm. Please note that the exhibition runs in between sessions throughout this time.

Cost: Exhibition space costs $1,400+GST. This includes:
  • One trestle size table 1.3m and one chair; 
  • One person at exhibition; 
  • Morning tea and lunch for one person; 
  • Your contact details in the Conference Program.

Additional persons are catered for at the rate of $100 + GST per person. A maximum of 3 persons per exhibition applies. If you require additional persons at your exhibition, please book for them when you register as you will not be able to add additional persons at a later time.

Please also note, if you require power with your stand, there is an additional cost of $80+GST.

Exhibition Space and Time Allocation: CAA, in its absolute discretion, determines the location of all exhibitors within the exhibition area. You will be notified of the location of your space prior to Conference. A program for the day will be distributed prior to Conference which will specify the times allocated for the exhibition parts of our Conference. We endeavour to adhere to the program, but please be aware that some sessions may run over time impacting on the program throughout the day.

Sponsorship of Conference

We seek sponsorship for our conference from interested companies and tertiary providers. Sponsorship can be secured from $4,000 + GST.  Please contact us for more information on 02 9605 5858.

Presenting at CAA's Annual Conference, October 2020 

We sometimes seek expressions of interest for those interested in presenting at our Annual Conference. Please contact us for more information on 02 9605 5858.


All Enquiries To: or call us on 02 9605 5858


Careers Advisors Association of NSW & ACT
Careers Advisors Association of NSW & ACT